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Options of IOL During Cataract Surgery

It is commonly known that there are many options while ordering a cup of coffee. But five to ten years ago, the situation was dramatically different that only ice cream or sugar coffee was available. This change in coffee is quite similar to that in cataract surgery. Several years ago, patients only had the option to receive a cataract surgery and all the other things would be sorted by the surgeon. Nowadays, options of coffee include Grande, Venti, Cream, low-fat milk, soy, vanilla, sugar-free vanilla, caramel, mocha or flavor-of-the-week. When it comes to cataract surgery, patients now are always required to select a specific intraocular lens type among the considerable group including spherical IOL, aspheric IOL, IOL for astigmatism correction, IOL for distance, intermediate or up close vision.

In front of such a wide range of IOL options, patients have no easy job to make an appropriate choice. The first consideration associated with IOL selection is similar to that of coffee. People often have a problem deciding which one of the two initial styles to choose decaf or caffeinated. In similar, cataracts patients should first ask themselves whether they mind wearing glasses. This is absolutely the first decision that determines which type of IOL to select. Some people want to throw away their glasses after cataract surgery, while some others can tolerate occasional eyeglass use.

The standard type of IOL suits people who do not mind wearing eyeglasses. These patients can save the cost of the surgery because this kind of IOL is covered by insurance. In fact, this group of patients is quite small.

Aspheric or toric IOL suits people who want to get good uncorrected distance vision but can tolerate eyeglass wearing while using a computer. Aspheric IOL can correct higher order aberrations and bring excellent distance vision. Toric IOL is aimed to correct significant astigmatism. These two types of IOLs are not covered by insurance. In a similar case, the Alcon ReSTOR IOL or the AMO Tecnis IOL suits people who want to get clear distance and reading vision without glasses while leaving the job of computer perceiving to glasses. If a patient wants to restore good distance and intermediate vision without the help from eyeglasses, they can choose the ReZoom multifocal IOL or the Crystalens accommodating IOL.

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