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Who Benefits from Occupational Medicine?

Today’s employers are tasked with keeping expenses at a minimum while meeting their responsibilities to customers, employees and their own business. When company leaders consider “health care” and “cutting expenditures,” human resource managers and executives often think that traditional employee insurance benefits are the only medical expenses that will affect a company’s bottom line.

But this isn’t usually the case. Lots of companies have realized the unique benefits of medical clinics that engage in occupational medicine. In case you or your staffs encounter an illness while at work and require immediate medical attention, a lot of time may be wasted in driving to the hospital. Moreover, there is no guarantee that the hospital would offer immediate care. In such a scenario, the need of the hour is occupational medical clinics. When someone encounters ill health at work, occupational medicine can prove to be an optimum solution to the problem. It is, in fact, the responsibility of the employer to ensure that anyone who faces health issues at the workplace is provided with immediate medication and relief.

Let’s take a look at the major benefits that occupational medical clinics offer to both the employee as well as the employer (company).

For the Employee:

If you have had an accident at the workplace, it may be a cause of acute pain and anxiety. In such a situation, what you need is prompt medication more than anything else. This is exactly what occupational medical clinics provide. These facilities are meant to handle and treat the work related injuries through an ideal approach. You can see a doctor about your problem and get the information you need almost immediately.

The doctor will also plan the course of action that is required to bring you back to good health. In case lab tests, X-rays or ultrasounds are required, everything will be taken care of by the occupational medical clinic.

Another advantage that such clinics provide is the facility of proper documentation of the treatment. All the paperwork describing your medication, bills, etc, would be made available to you as soon as your treatment ends. This can be extremely useful if you have to take time off work until you get better, since it can inform the employer about the details of your ailment and the recommended treatment.

For the Employer:

If an employee faces health problems at work, it is the company’s moral duty to take care of the safety and the required treatment of the employee. In this regard, occupational medical clinics work well to ensure that you are in proper control of the situation and appropriate documentation is maintained by a medical professional. They also ensure that you are compliant with the legal requirements regarding health and safety of your workers.

Occupational medicine clinics work 24/7 and present medical care at every situation. So, if your employee has tripped over the stairs at your office because the stairs were wet, you have someone to manage the situation and provide the employee the appropriate medical solutions.

You can trust the Midtown Occupational Health Services to provide the best and most cost effective occupational medical clinics for your offices in and around Denver.

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